Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

FBI FAP30 Optical Fingerprint Module


FAP30 optical fingerprint module is a high performance security fingerprint module launched by Fingerprint Technology, supporting Windows, Android, embedded devices semiconductor fingerprint identification module, with fingerprint acquisition, feature processing, fingerprint comparison, search and feature storage to meet fingerprint identification needs, the product uses standard USB/UART communication, with SDK development kit.

It has outstanding performance in ease of use and durability index, stable sensor and long service life, good adaptability to high and low temperature, sand and other harsh conditions, combined with our fingerprint algorithm, it can collect and have good comparison effect on dry, cracked, dirty and wet finger conditions normally.

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Product Introduction

Product Features

Fingerprint acquisition: image acquisition of the finger, stored in RAW, BMP and other data formats

Fingerprint comparison and search: compare and search with the stored fingerprints in the module, support 1:1 and 1:N

Feature processing: Process the collected fingerprints to generate fingerprint feature data

Feature storage: fingerprint features stored in the module

High anti-counterfeiting: strong discrimination ability against fake fingerprints

High adaptability: normal acquisition and good adaptability to dry, cracked, dirty and wet finger conditions

Simple development: standard UART/USB interface, source code SDK available

Product Benefits 

Fingerprint module as the leading, developed a variety of convenient, fast, safe and easy to use fingerprint series products, including the expansion of the fingerprint controller is outstanding, greatly reducing the user in the field of fingerprint identification research and development costs, with the fastest speed and highest efficiency to launch a variety of personalized high-tech fingerprint identification products to meet market demand, successfully in the safe cabinet, gun cabinet, fingerprint lock, time and attendance, access control, car security, etc. The products are widely used in the industry. In addition, the fingerprint module extended fingerprint instrument, fingerprint lock and fingerprint security door are also widely used in enterprises, banks, government and home security etc.

Product Specification  

Electrical Parameters

Supply voltage

5V (typical), the range is: 4.2V-7.0V

Supply current

3.3V (custom version), range is: 3.0V-3.6V

Lowest power consumption

60mA (typical), peak current: 80mA

Maximum power consumption

Standby 5uA

Fingerprint image recording time

Operating state 64mA

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Working Humidity


Storage Humidity


Performance Parameters

Window size

21.5x26.5 (W x L mm)

Effective Size

20.32x25.4 (W x H mm)

Housing size

67.5x36x 15mm

Image size


Image pixels


Matching method

Comparison method (1:1) Search method (1:N)

Fingerprint feature

512 bytes

Fingerprint template

512 bytes

Storage capacity


Security Level

False Recognition Rate (FAR)

256-bit AES fingerprint data encryption technology

<0.001% (at security level 3)

False Rejection Rate (FRR)

<0.005% (at security level 3)

Search Time

<1.0 sec (at 1:1000, average value)

Communication Interface

UART (TTL logic level) or USB1.1 compatible

Communication baud rate (UART)

(9600╳N)bps, where N=1-12 (default factory N=6, i.e. 57600bps)

Special function

With fingerprint self-learning function

System Support 

Embedded, Linux, Android, Windows, standard SDK development kits and development manuals are available.

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