Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

FBI FAP10 Optical Fingerprint Module


ZAZ 0B0  fingerprint module is a miniature USB fingerprint reader designed for integration into OEM equipment where fingerprint verification or identification is needed.

ZAZ 0B0  Module is designed to simplify OEM integration. This is packaged in a clean and sleek design. The module is sealed from dust and includes convenient mounting features.

The combination of optical technology and image calibration algorithm gives the highest quality fingerprint scans and reliability. The on-board electronics automatically control calibration, encryption and data transfer over the USB interface.

Combined with its comprehensive SDK solution, ZAZ 0B0  Module offers superb hardware and software platform ideal for developers.

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Product Introduction


• Optical fingerprint collector (256 x 360 pixels)

• Infrared optics dark background collecting, anti-interference effect

• Resolving residual fingerprint is valid

• Image Resolution:500dpi

• USB interface Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 (Full Speed) specifications 

• Support Windows, Linux, Android 

• Indoor, home and office use

Hardware included

• Fingerprint collector: CMOS image sensor, optical reflection principle

• PCB with biometric:32-bit ARM Cotex-M3 processor 

Supported International Standard

• ISO_FMR (ISO/IEC 19794 – 2 : 2005)

• ISO_FIR (ISO/IEC 19794 – 4 : 2005)

• WSQ(Wavelet Scalar Quantization)

• NFIQ(NIST Fingerprint Image Quality)

Fingerprint Module Specification

Capture mode

Plain live scan capture

Dimension(W x H x L)

20.60 x 25.10 x 52.10 mm

False Assessment Rate

< 0.001 %

False Rejection Rate

< 0.1 %

Grey scale / Image type

8bit, 256 levels

Image evaluation frame rate

> 3 frames/sec, continuous image capture


USB 2.0, Full Speed

Operating Humidity


Operating System

Windows, Android

Operating Temperature

-30 to 70°C

Pixel matrix

256x360 pixels


Through USB:5V±5%


500 dpi

Scan capture area(W x H)

16.2x 20.6mm 

Sensor Type


Storage Humidity


Storage Temperature

-40 to 80°C


< 55 g

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