Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

4-4-2 LED fingerprint Scanner(FAP60)


The AYF600 four-finger scanner produces clear images that fully meet the American FBI FAP 60 image quality requirements, supporting both left and right four-finger scans. The device supports dual thumb flat capture mode, single finger capture for all ten fingers, and single finger rolling capture mode. The scanner meets large-scale national and city-level fingerprint collection needs, providing important technical support and reliable assurance for large-scale public application systems.

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Product Introduction

Product features

Ultra-high image quality: The optical distortion-free fingerprint imaging system provides high-fidelity fingerprint images, which is beneficial for extraction.

Powerful collection capabilities: The large capture window size integrates ten-finger flat, single-finger flat, and single-finger rolling capture in one device.

Fast capture speed: The four-finger scanner captures at least 10 FPS and supports real-time finger detection.

High adaptability: Applicable to various types of fingerprints, automatically clears residual fingerprint marks and halo effects, resulting in higher imaging quality.

Durable and shock-resistant: The device features a sturdy design, wear resistance, strong anti-shock and anti-vandalism properties, and is resistant to electrostatic interference, ensuring a long service life.

Easy secondary development: SDK (Software Development Kit) is provided.

Voice control for convenience and intelligence : Supports a buzzer and voice guidance to guide users through the appropriate finger pressing operations.

Product specification  

Electrical Parameters

Supply Voltage

5.0V±5% Provided by USB

Operating Current

Typical Value<700mA





Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operating Humidity


Storage Humidity

20~93% R.H

Fingerprint parameters

Image resolution


Capture window size


Effective image size

Single finger


Four fingers


Image pixel count

Single finger

≥640*640 pixel

Four fingers


Capture time

Single finger


Four fingers


Image distortion


Uneven grayscale of image background


Gray level


Dynamic range of gray level


Gray value of image background


Image defect/pixel defect

No more than 10 pixels with a diameter of 2 within any 600*600 area

Image center deviation

Deviation between image center and capture window center: X and Y directions both ≤15 pixels





Software parameters


Image stitching (single finger rolling capture)

Image segmentation (four-finger planar capture)


Finger position identification

Product dimension drawing

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