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Palmprint Scanner


The palmprint scanner has clear imaging, and its images fully comply with the FBI image quality requirements of the United States, and is compatible with the relevant standards of the Ministry of Public Security for civilian and police live collection, and can be widely used in immigration, prison, criminal investigation and other scenarios, as well as public security, national defense, finance, education, information collection and other fields. It complies with GAT 626.1-2006 Specification for the interface of the application program for live fingerprint image acquisition and splicing Part 1, GAT 625-2010 Technical Specification for Live Fingerprint Image Acquisition, GAT 626.2-2010 Specification for the interface of the application program for live fingerprint image Part 2: Image splicing, and GAT 866 Technical Specification for Testing Live Fingerprint Palmprint Acquisition Equipment.

The palmprint collector has outstanding performance in terms of ease of use and durability indexes, stable collection and long service life, good adaptability to high and low temperature, wind and sand and other harsh conditions, combined with our palmprint algorithm, the finger can be collected normally and have good comparison effect for dry, cracked, dirty and wet conditions.

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Product Introduction

Product features

1)Support flat palmprint, left and right four fingers, double thumb flat fingerprint collection and left and right five fingers single finger collection      

2)Provide palmprint image processing and comparison

3)Support single-finger rolling acquisition

4)Provide image acquisition test program and SDK

5)Support LCD display guidance, image guide the subject to the corresponding hand press operation

6)Support buzzer, single function start and end prompt

7)Support voice guidance, voice subjects to carry out the corresponding hand press operation

Product Advantages 

The palmprint collector collector is a high-precision fingerprint collection device that supports planar collection. The image quality follows the FBI's requirements for image quality and is compatible with the relevant standards for civilian live fingerprint collection, meeting the needs of national and city-level collection and certification, and providing important technical support and reliable guarantee for large public application systems.

Product specification  

Electrical Parameters

Supply voltage

5.0V ±5% USB

Operating Current



USB2.0 / USB3.0


Contact: ±8KV; Air: ±15KV

Environmental Parameters

Operating temperature

-10°C - 55°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C - 60°C

Operating Humidity

10% - 90%

Storage Humidity

20%(±3) - 93%(±3)

Fingerprint Parameters

Image resolution

500dpi,Error Range -1%~+2%

Acquisition window size


Effective image size

Half palm  (FBI) ≥139.7mm*139.7mm

Half palm (GA) =117mm*117mm

Lateral palm  (FBI) ≥44.5mm*101.6mm  

Lateral palm  (GA) =52mm*100mm

Four Fingers  ≥81.2mm*76.2mm

Single Finger ≥32.5mm*32.5mm

Rolling finger(FBI) ≥40.64mm*38.1mm

Rolling finger (GA) =32.5mm*32.5mm

Thumb (FBI) ≥25.4mm*50.8mm

Image pixels

Half palm  (FBI) ≥2750*2750pixels

Half palm (GA) =2304*2304pixels

Lateral palm  (FBI) ≥875*2000pixels

Lateral palm  (GA) =1024*1968pixels

Four Fingers  ≥1600*1500pixels

Single Finger ≥640*640 pixels

Rolling finger(FBI) ≥800*750 pixels

Rolling finger (GA) =640*640 pixels

Thumb (FBI) ≥500*1000 pixels

Acquisition time

Half palm ≥7  Frames/S(≤143ms)

Lateral palm ≥7  Frames/S (≤143ms)

Single Finger ≥25  Frames/S (≤66ms)

Four Fingers  ≥10  Frames/S (≤100ms)

Image distortion


Image background gray

scale unevenness


Gray level

8-bit, 256 levels

Gray level dynamic range

≥180 levels

Image background grayscale value


Image blemish

No more than 10 pixels with a diameter of 2 in

any 600*600 area

Image center deviation

Image center deviation from the center of the acquisition window: X,Y direction are ≤ 15 pixel points

Software Parameters


Image stitching (single finger scrolling acquisition)

Image segmentation (four-finger plane acquisition)


Finger position judgment

System Support

Android, Windows, standard SDK development kit and development manual provided.

Assembly and Acquisition Notes

1. This palmprint collector is the whole machine, pay attention to the voltage stable input can be.

2. Palmprint acquisition: center the palm of the hand, top the end of the finger on the top of the acquisition panel, and place the palm surface flat on the acquisition panel.

3. Rolling finger acquisition: in the bottom third of the acquisition panel, roll the finger to collect.

4. Four-finger acquisition: place the corresponding fingers according to the prompts, do not tilt the fingers on the acquisition panel, and do not separate the fingers too much.


Product dimension drawing(MOQ over 30 units, free customization of casing available)

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