Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

Baby Footprint Scanner


The footprint collector has clear imaging, its image fully complies with the FBI image quality requirements, and is compatible with the relevant standards of the Ministry of Public Security for civilian and police live collection, and can be widely used in immigration, prisons, criminal investigation and other scenarios, as well as public security, national defense, finance, education, information collection and other fields. It conforms to the GAT866 technical specification for testing live fingerprint palmprint collection equipment.

Footprint collection instrument in the ease of use, durability indicators outstanding performance, stable collection and long service life, for high and low temperature, sand and other harsh conditions have good adaptability, combined with our company footprint algorithm, the finger dry, cracked, dirty, wet and other conditions can be normal collection and have good comparison effect.

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Product Introduction

Product Overview

The BFS800 is a rugged and cost-effective GA and FBI certified series scanner with ultra-high resolution. The high-definition optical system captures high-quality images and features in compliance with ISO 19794-2/ANSI-378, FBI f.test's half palm, and GA/T 864-2010 image standards. It can be used in scenarios such as newborn information registration, identification and health records.

Product features

Ultra-high image quality: Optical distortion-free imaging system that captures images with high fidelity for easy extraction

Capture function is powerful: capture window size is large, support the capture of foot print, single finger, multi-finger image

Fast acquisition speed: acquisition speed of at least 7 frames per second, support real-time pattern detection

Footprint and fingerprint processing algorithms: support for generating and comparing footprint and fingerprint features.

Adaptable:Applicable to various types of grain, automatically removes residual grain marks and halo effects, higher imaging quality

Durable and shock-resistant: sturdy shape, wear-resistant, shock-resistant and anti-vandalism, anti-static interference, long service life

Secondary development is simple: provide Windows and Android platform SDK development kit

Product dimension drawing

Product technical parameters

Electrical parameters

Supply Voltage

5.0V±5% USB provided

Operating Current

Typical <500mA




Contact: ±8KV; Air: ±15KV

Environmental parameters

operating temperature


Storage temperature


Operating humidity

<90% R.H (non-condensing)

Storage humidity

20-93% R.H

image parameter

image resolution

500 dpi

Capture window size


Effective image size

foot print




single finger


Number of image pixels

foot print




single finger

≥640*640 pixels

Acquisition time

foot print

≥7 frames/sec (≤143ms)

single finger

≥25 frames/sec (≤66ms)


≥10 frames/sec (≤100ms)

image distortion


Image background gray unevenness



8-bit, 256 levels

Gray-scale dynamic range

≥180 class

Image background gray value


image blemish

No more than 10 pixels with a diameter of 2 in any 600*600 area

Image center deviation

Image center deviation from the center of the acquisition window: ≤15 pixels in both X and Y directions.

Certification Standards

GA/T 866-2010 (Technical Specification for Testing of Live Fingerprint/Palmprint Acquisition Equipment)

GA/T 864-2010 (Technical Specification for Live Palm Image Acquisition)

GA/T 865-2010(Interface Specification for Live Palmprint Acquisition)

Fingerprint Information Exchange File Format Technical Specification (Version 5.0)

FBI f.test  iso19794-2/ansi-378

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