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Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

FBI FAP20 Optical Fingerprint Module


FAP20 optical fingerprint module is a high performance security fingerprint module launched by Fingerprint Technology, supporting Windows, Android, embedded devices semiconductor fingerprint identification module, with fingerprint acquisition, feature processing, fingerprint comparison, search and feature storage to meet fingerprint identification needs, the product uses standard USB/UART communication, with SDK development kit.

It has outstanding performance in ease of use and durability index, stable sensor and long service life, good adaptability to high and low temperature, sand and other harsh conditions, combined with our fingerprint algorithm, it can collect and have good comparison effect on dry, cracked, dirty and wet finger conditions normally.

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Product Introduction

Product Features

Exquisite structure: 59.0x31.8x13.6mm ultra-thin structural design

Clear image: With residual fingerprint suppression function and LFD anti false fingerprint technology, it can capture high-definition fingerprint images

Efficient collection: Adopting optical distortion free fingerprint imaging technology, the collection speed is fast

Authoritative certification: Compliant with FBI PIV Mobile ID FAP20 in the United States;  

International standards: Comply with international standards such as ISO19794-2, ISO19794-4, NIST imaging, ANSI378, and WSQ;  

Public Security Standard: GA/T 1011-2012 General Technical Requirements for Fingerprint Collection of Resident Identity Cards 

Easy development:standard UART/USB interface, source code SDK available

Product Benefits 

 The AGF200 optical fingerprint module is a US FBIPIVMobileID FAP20, CE, and FCC certified product. A high-performance secure fingerprint module that complies with international standards such as ISC and ANSI, and adopts industry-leading optical design. It has the advantages of a large collection range and clear fingerprint image pixels. The product adopts standard USB communication, combined with SDK development packages, and can be flexibly embedded into various terminal devices.  

Product Specification  

Electrical Parameters

Supply voltage

5V (typical), the range is: 4.2V-7.0V

Supply current

3.3V (custom version), range is: 3.0V-3.6V

Lowest power consumption

60mA (typical), peak current: 80mA

Maximum power consumption

Standby 5uA

Fingerprint image recording time

Operating state 64mA

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Working Humidity


Storage Humidity


Performance Parameters

Window size

165x21.0(W x L mm)

Effective Size

17.6 x 23. 0mm(W x H mm)

Housing size

59.0x31. 8x13. 6mm

Image size


Image pixels


Matching method

Comparison method (1:1) Search method (1:N)

Fingerprint feature

512 bytes

Fingerprint template

512 bytes

Storage capacity


Security Level

False Recognition Rate (FAR)

256-bit AES fingerprint data encryption technology

<0.001% (at security level 3)

False Rejection Rate (FRR)

<0.005% (at security level 3)

Search Time

<1.0 sec (at 1:1000, average value)

Communication Interface

UART (TTL logic level) or USB1.1 compatible

Communication baud rate (UART)

(9600╳N)bps, where N=1-12 (default factory N=6, i.e. 57600bps)

Special function

With fingerprint self-learning function

System Support 

Android, Windows, standard SDK development kits and development manuals are available

Product dimension drawing

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