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Baby Footprint Scanner Product specification manual

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Product Introduction

Product Features

Ultra-high image quality: Optical distortion-free imaging system that captures images with high fidelity for easy extraction

Capture function is powerful: capture window size is large, support the capture of foot print, single finger, multi-finger image

fast acquisition speed: acquisition speed of at least 7 frames per second, support real-time pattern detection

 Footprint and fingerprint processing algorithms: support for generating and comparing footprint and fingerprint features.

Adaptable: Applicable to various types of grain, automatically removes residual grain marks and halo effects, higher imaging quality

Durable and shock-resistant: sturdy shape, wear-resistant, shock-resistant and anti-vandalism, anti-static interference, long service life

secondary development is simple: provide Windows and Android platform SDK development kit

Product Technical Parameters

Electrical parameters

Supply Voltage

5.0V±5% USB provided

Operating Current

Typical <500mA




Contact: ±8KV; Air: ±15KV

Environmental parameters

operating temperature


Storage temperature


Operating humidity

<90% R.H (non-condensing)

Storage humidity

20-93% R.H

image parameter

image resolution

500 dpi

Capture window size



image size

foot print




single finger


Number of

image pixels

foot print




single finger

≥640*640 pixels

Acquisition time

foot print

≥7 frames/sec (≤143ms)

single finger

≥25 frames/sec (≤66ms)


≥10 frames/sec (≤100ms)

image distortion


Image background gray unevenness



8-bit, 256 levels

Gray-scale dynamic range

≥180 class

Image background gray value


image blemish

No more than 10 pixels with a diameter of 2 in any 600*600 area

Image center deviation

Image center deviation from the center of the acquisition window: ≤15 pixels in both X and Y directions.

Certification Standards

GA/T 866-2010 (Technical Specification for Testing of Live Fingerprint/Palmprint Acquisition Equipment)

GA/T 864-2010 (Technical Specification for Live Palm Image Acquisition)

GA/T 865-2010(Interface Specification for Live Palmprint Acquisition)

Fingerprint Information Exchange File Format Technical Specification (Version 5.0)

FBI f.test  iso19794-2/ansi-378


Product appearance diagram 

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