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Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

FBI PIV FAP20 Fingerprint Scanner

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Product Introduction

Product Features

Fingerprint acquisition: image acquisition of the finger, stored in RAW, BMP and other data formats

Fingerprint comparison and search: compare and search with the stored fingerprints in the module, support 1:1 and 1:N

Feature processing: Process the collected fingerprints to generate fingerprint feature data

Feature storage: fingerprint features stored in the module

High anti-counterfeiting: strong discrimination ability against fake fingerprints

High adaptability: normal acquisition and good adaptability to dry, cracked, dirty and wet finger conditions

Simple development: standard UART/USB interface, source code SDK available

International standard: It conforms to ISO19794-2, ISO19794-4, ANSI378, and WSQ etc, And it meets the FBI PIV FAP20 standard, with testing reports  

Product Specification  

Electrical Parameters

Supply voltage

5V (typical), the range is: 4.2V-7.0V

Supply current

3.3V (custom version), range is: 3.0V-3.6V

Lowest power consumption

60mA (typical), peak current: 80mA

Maximum power consumption

Standby 5uA

Fingerprint image recording time

Operating state 64mA

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Working Humidity


Storage Humidity


Performance Parameters

Shell size


Effective Size

17.6 x 23.0(W x H mm)

Image size


Image pixels


Matching method

Comparison method (1:1) Search method (1:N)

Fingerprint feature

512 bytes

Fingerprint template

512 bytes

Storage capacity

Platform storage, providing comparison interface  

Security Level

False Recognition Rate (FAR)

256-bit AES fingerprint data encryption technology

<0.001% (at security level 3)

False Rejection Rate (FRR)

<0.005% (at security level 3)

Search Time

<1.0 sec (at 1:1000, average value)

Communication Interface

UART (TTL logic level) or USB1.1 compatible

Communication baud rate (UART)

(9600╳N)bps, where N=1-12 (default factory N=6, i.e. 57600bps)

Special function

With fingerprint self-learning function

System Support 

Embedded, Linux, Android, Windows, standard SDK development kits and development manuals are available.

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