Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

Fingerprint Recognition Technology Provider

208*288pixel capacitive fingerprint scanner


MYF060 Fingerprint Scanner is a smart fingerprint acquisition device developed by Our Company. It is based on a high-speed DSP processor and features an RF fingerprint sensor with proprietary intellectual property owned by the company. The device has the functions of fingerprint enrollment, image processing, fingerprint matching, searching, and template storage

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Product Introduction

Product features

Industrial-grade Design: Ergonomic Appearance Design, Stylish and Comfortable   

Powerful and Stable Performance: The fingerprint sensor meets the IP65 standard and comes with a detection report. It can withstand up to 10 million presses and has reliable quality

High-performance Fingerprint Algorithm: Recognition speed is less than 1 second, with recognition accuracy of up to 99.99%

Strong Adaptability: Can efficiently collect and identify various types of fingers, including dry, wet, cracked, dirty, etc. It has strong anti-static capabilities and good environmental adaptability

Flexible Fingerprint Collection: Supports 360-degree fingerprint rotation collection, gently pressing the finger can obtain clear fingerprint images

Supports Operating Systems: Supports Windows/Android/Linux/Embedded

Simple Development: Provides a complete SDK development package that supports almost all programming languages. Integrators can quickly complete secondary development

Product specification  


Parameter Index

Parameter Description

Physical Port


Communication Method

Communication Interface


Operating System

Supported Systems

Windows /Andriod/Linux/ Embedded

Fingerprint Collection

Fingerprint Collection Method

Semiconductor Press

Size of the Collection Device


Size of the Collection Window


Effective Image Size


Fingerprint Image Size

208*288 pixel

Image Resolution


Grayscale Dynamic Range


Fingerprint Image Distortion


Operating Parameters

Operating Voltage


Operating Current


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operating Humidity

20~93% R.H

Storage Humidity

17~96% R.H

Product dimension drawing

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